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About Us (Birthday Calculator)

I am Himanshu Kumar owner of this website. birthday calculator-best website available on Google to calculate your date of birth this is also finding your birthsign birthstone and birth flower

Way to works

birthday calculator is a very amazing website that calculates your age. It is 100% real and accurate. Many websites are available online which calculates your age but this website is different from all those websites because this website not only calculate your age online also provides you much more information such as this website also gives you your birth sign. Along with the birth sign or the website tells you about your birthstone and birth flower, this thing makes this website better than all those websites. And the most amazing thing about this website is that in the last sections you will get direct information about the famous person and celebrity born on your birthday and some birthday links are also available, With the help of which you can get to know your birthday even better

The primary focus is on visitors. Our goal is to provide only useful information to our visitors.


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